Saturday, April 9, 2011

Airstreams in the Media

Since beginning my foray into the Airstream market, I have compiled many inspirational designs in the press and media around the internet. There are no limits to what is possible when rebuilding these beautiful objects.

I love the concept of using the Airstream as a guest house. Whether on the beach, lake or your own back-yard, it's fun to have a private extension of your home where guests can stay.

This is an inspirational look into the future of trailers. I especially like design which is based on the design of the Sydney Opera House - an iconic piece of Architecture.

This article on Apartment Therapy is a fun piece about small living spaces. There are a few listings of other airstream and mobile home conversions also.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Overlander 1967 Conversion: Before

Overlander 1967 Conversion: After

The first Airstream Architect Series Conversion includes stainless steel appliances, laminate walnut flooring, refinished interior aluminum, partitions of stained wood, two insulated sky-viewing dome panels totaling 8 linear feet, lacquered European cabinets, convection oven unit, stainless gas cook top, Jen style double sink with custom faucet and separate instant hot water dispenser and built-in wine cooler. Optional appliances including icemaker, dishwasher, and washer/dryer unit were designed to be added upon request.

The Architect Series also includes amenities to enhance daily life and travel. A fireplace adds not only eclectic and visual appeal but provides two forced air/heating features. * Electric unit installed but gas is an option if desired.

The seating and bedding are Swede textured six foot-plus sofas by Serta, which not only provide storage below but open into double beds allowing walking space while folded down. Wall mounted storage units double as a headboard with shelf and allow computer, books or extra linens to be stored away from sight. Original “AIRSTREAM” wall cabinet is finished with aluminum and provides a 110-volt ac duplex outlet and a 12-volt dc plug allowing music system and i-phone station.

Custom Lighting throughout the Architect Series Conversion allows for optimal light as well as a dimmed option. Lighting has been added to the dressing cabinet, seating area as well as wardrobe cabinet. The finishing touch of recessed lighting enhances the view of the night-filled sky through the skylight.

The bath area is increased and features original tub, refinished and new trim valves are installed. China water closet (toilet) is installed out of view, allowing the salon’s spacious area to be accessed by a large door with bi-fold opening.

Plumbing is installed with service accessibility to allow multi-connection options. Mechanical items include new roof mounted low profile AC unit with optional heat element. New roof power exhaust fan and European style hood provide airflow in two directions. *Please note: The fireplace and bath heater limit power and fuel requirements to areas in use.

New electrical wiring is ‘zoned’ for today and new technologies to come. Each side of the unit is serviced gauged wire to appliances and ground fault outlets as required from breaker box fed from power service (30 or 50 amp feed source), a 7 HP 3000 watt generator with dual 120 volt 20 amp outlets, a 120 volt 25 amp twist lock outlet and a 12 volt dc connection. A dual battery power service will feed the two 750/1500 W power inverters installed (1500/300 W total). *Batteries not included. The additional feature of a 600-Watt transformer has been installed to allow all 12-volt items such as low volt lighting and service to 12-volt outlets.

Large screen Television (26 or 32 inch) is to be located at rear wall area to allow viewing from all areas. Computer/TV cable is installed to three locations if owner desires a satellite/4G network option.